“The real journey of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
– Marcel Proust


Gabriel has – rather unsuccessfully – tried to fake his way into adulthood by becoming a trained German judge and gaining a Master’s degree in diplomacy from the UK. To add to the delusion, he has worked with the United Nations in the areas of child protection, human rights and justice in Burundi, Egypt, Haiti, India, Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, the Gambia and the USA.

In reality, Gabriel is merely a passionate observer of life. His photographs are grounded in people and to him serve as a small, quiet celebration of humanity in this world in a hurry. The creation of visual essays and powerful single images has given Gabriel a strong sense of purpose and a whole different dimension to his life.

His photography has been widely published (incl. in the New York Times, multiple United Nations publications and through the War Crimes Research Office of the American University Washington College of Law) and exhibited at the United Nations Headquarter, New York. Gabriel is a member of the “Blickwinkel – nature meets people” agency and lectures on photography regularly.

Currently, Gabriel lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo with his family, working with UNICEF in the area of child protection, arguably the best job in the world. The latter makes it a little less painfull not to have nearly enough time to photograph the beautiful people of the Congo.

Unless stated otherwise, Gabriel’s photography stands in no relation to his professional work with the UN. It is created during his private free time and reflects his personal views only.